Cosmetic Treatments that will Not Slice Open your Precious Skin

Age could be just a number for you but your skin may testify otherwise. Depending on personal health and hygiene, genetic influences and environmental factors, your skin may become more prone to dryness, dehydration and loss of cellulite with advance in age; resulting in a severely wrinkly texture and uncalled for spots and stains that undermine your beauty and the personality you mean to project. Degrading dermal quality means the death of your confidence and a beginning of endlessly frustrating attempt to prop up the slowly dying skin as good as parched leather with tonnes and tonnes of disgusting makeup. But it does not have to be this way as acclaimed cosmetic doctors today have devised absolutely safe and effective ways to correct dermal anomalies.

Guess what? Texture-altering surgeries are not the only way to correct your skin. Understandably, many aesthetically oriented care-seekers shy away from the knife and the dire possibility is seems to hold. What if the operation goes wrong? What are the ways to avert the effects if we don’t like it? How about side-effects, are they worse than the pain?—these are questions the cosmetic doctors has to face often with no heart warming assurances to offer other than asking the patient to trust the skills of the surgeon concerned. Thankfully, lesser invasive methods have now been introduced which sometimes comprehensively take care of a number of age symptoms. Let us inspect at length into the possibilities of non-invasive dermal correction, available at the best skin clinics in London:

Fine Lines

Consider the slowly emerging scarring lines etched across your forehead and under the eyes. These hold the potential to thwart your once dreamily beautiful face and people will mistake you for worried or bitter. Skip the misinterpreted paper-towel face with Botulinum Toxin correction. This neuro-chemical is not a biohazard and is tested to be safe on direct application. Experts inject this highly active potion in sharp concentration accurately at the root of the muscle nodes held responsible for the facial distortion, paralyzing them for a certain period of time. As these small muscles get paralyzed no wrinkles appear for a long time. The clinicians operating at the best known London and Croydon cosmetic clinic are also adept at tackling the dreaded turkey neck syndrome by injecting accurately into the vertical bands of muscles in the neck.

Age Spots

Next comes the spots growing like mushrooms blooming in the wilderness during the monsoons. Before they pop open across your whole face, take help from certified clinicians at the reputed cosmetic facilities for peel treatment. The chemical peel method sloughs off olden blemished skin with the help of catalysing chemicals. With regular sessions of peel therapy, the age spots will lighten and slowly vanish. A word of caution goes for the darker skinned as a deeper peel can leave their face discoloured from the rest of their body.